Chemical-Free Incense for Your Peace of Mind

Choosing incense made from truly natural ingredients shouldn't be so hard. We decided to make it easier.

Our incense is created using 100% sustainably sourced whole plant ingredients, with no toxic additives, ensuring you not only enjoy the delightfully subtle aroma of real plants but also reap the medicinal and energetic virtues nature has to offer. 

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Fragrance Perfected By Mother Nature

In a market dominated by lab-created scents, Flora Botanical Incense stands apart. With no added chemicals or fragrances, and a fully disclosed list of natural ingredients, each burn ensures a safer, more genuine connection to the world around you.


Enjoy Fragrance That Whispers

Designed with those delicate sensory palettes in mind, our incense radiates a subtle, natural aroma. The scent evokes energetic shift without overwhelming, making it ideal for those sensitive to synthetic fragrance.


Unwind with Traditional Aromatherapy

Beyond a pleasant scent, Flora Botanical Incense provides the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of real plants, that have been utilized by ancient cultures for centuries. Offering a profound connection to nature's healing essence that simply cannot be replicated by synthetic reproductions.


Flora's Commitment to Conservation

Our dedication to Earth extends beyond making eco-conscous incense. In addition to our commitment to sourcing aromatics responsibly, we partner with organizations like Airmid Institute to ensure the aromatic plant species that humans have enjoyed for centuries, are prioritized and cared for for centuries to come. 

Our packaging is also 100% home compostable. Because we know our customers are committed to keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible.

By choosing Flora, you're safeguarding nature's treasures and contributing to a more sustainable world.

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!